What is an IRA Rollover?

An IRA Rollover Explained



Generally, after a person retires, quits or is let go, they are given the option to “Rollover” their IRA retirement plan(s) into a new company’s plan, if available, or into an IRA (Individual Retirement Account/Annuity).

Frequently, the choice is made to ROLLOVER into an IRA because of the flexibility and vast array of investment choices available.

Most retirement plans can be easily rolled into an IRA, which can invest in a variety of Mutual Funds, ETF’s, Stocks, Bonds, Alternative Investments or Annuities. However, there may be some charges and expenses to do this, as well as ongoing costs that should be considered. There may be surrender charges when you want to move some or part of your money as well. Check with your Financial Advisor and read the prospectus regarding any risks, charges and expenses.

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