What will be my 72t interest rate or expected rate of return?

What will be my interest rate or expected rate of return?

We cannot answer this question about 72t interest rates without having a conversation with you and obtaining a comprehensive understanding of your goals, objectives, financial picture, investment experience, and risk tolerance. We are essentially financial doctors”. If you are looking for a solution to a medical challenge and go to your doctor, they cannot give you a diagnosis or write a prescription without knowledge of your medical history and a physical review (blood-work, urine, etc…).

The same applies here… The expected rate of return will depend on the investment choices that we deem fit for your retirement “game plan” once we’ve reviewed and understand your personal information, situation, and goals. As we previously discussed, the interest rate used in the calculation is solely for calculation purposes. Our goal is to generate a return similar to the rate that you are withdrawing funds from the account each year, so that you finish the 72t period with about as much as you began with.