We are registered representatives with Centaurus Financial, Inc., a highly respected independent broker-dealer that offers a selection of investment products, insurance products and financial services. Unlike many insurance company owned broker-dealers and traditional Wall Street firms where “captive” agents and brokers promote “in-house” or “proprietary” products, we have no in-house or proprietary products to suggest or recommend. We only offer what works best for our clients based on their individual retirement goals, risk tolerance, investment objectives and time horizon. The licenses we hold require us to operate under a fiduciary standard.

We Provide Guidance Regarding:
– Mutual Funds
– ETF’s
– Non-Traded Alternative Investments
– Stocks & Bonds
– Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
– Fixed, Fixed Indexed & Variable Annuities
– Life Insurance & Long Term Care protection
– Fee Based Managed Accounts (Third Party)
– A wide variety of Retirement Plans including: IRA’s, SEP-IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, Deferred
Compensation, TSP, 401K plans and more.

Questions To Ask
Where are the best places to invest my money?
What is your preference… “Safe Money” options or “Risk Based” options?
Who offers the best ongoing service?
Who is going to continually educate, advise and keep me abreast of tax law changes, investment strategies, product enhancements, 401K and IRA investing options?
Who is going to answer all these questions, as well as provide up to date information to you for YOUR best interest?
(ANSWER: WE WILL… if you will allow us)

Not Ready To Start Your 72(t)?
We can also help and advise you on your other savings & investment plans (IRA or Non-IRA accounts) and help you prepare for when it is time to start your 72t, if appropriate.