Meet Your 72t Early Retirement Specialists

As 72t early retirement specialists, our mission is to help those under age 59 ½ to utilize and enjoy their retirement money without the tax penalty associated with early retirement due to corporate downsizing, voluntary retirement or unexpected loss of work.

When it comes to using the IRS 72t distribution strategy, there are several things you need to make sure are completed correctly.  Meet the team of 72t Specialists who can help you make early retirement a reality.

We have effectively set up 72T distributions for PENALTY FREE income prior to Age 59 ½ MANY TIMES throughout almost 50 years and the strategy works, IF DONE CORRECTLY!

Many companies and most Advisors simply do not know how to properly structure a 72(t) Early Retirement Distribution Plan. Make sure you work with an Advisory Firm who is experienced and knowledgeable in this specialized area. Knowledge is POWER.

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What is the #1 Concern About Retirement?

Will I outlive my money…” is the most common question we hear from retirement-minded investors.

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What’s Key When Reviewing Financial Professionals?

Make sure you work with an Advisor who can offer appropriate solutions in good times as well as bad times.

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What Do You Bring to Clients?

Perspective is one of the most important things we bring to our relationships with clients.

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What Happens When People Have Money With Another Advisor?

When you consider changing your financial advisor, make sure to put your own interests first.

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Are Clients Interested In Chasing Winners?

Chasing yesterday’s winners may not be the best way to pursue your financial goals.

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