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Do you have a 401k, 403(b), TSP (Thrift Savings Plan) or a 457 plan


Let’s cover some of the BASICS of 401(k) Plans and other similar Retirement Plans, such as 403(b), TSP or 457 plans:


  • Money contributed into these plans are usually “pre-tax dollars”, meaning this money was contributed before taxes. These plans also allow your money to grow “tax-deferred”, which means that you don’t pay taxes until you withdraw the money from the Retirement Plan. Contributions to plans can come from Employee salary reduction, from the Employer, or both.


  • Employees are immediately 100% vested with their own contributions, and if/when they retire/quit/resign, they can ROLLOVER their account into an Individual Retirement Account/Annuity (IRA).


  • Some plans offer direct loans, hardship loans and disability loan provisions, but not all plans.


  • Withdrawals from any retirement plan: 401k, 403(b), 457 plan or IRA’s are income taxable when you take the money OUT! If you are UNDER 59 ½ (except hardship cases and other special situations) there may be an “IRS Early Withdrawal 10% Penalty” as well. To AVOID the above mentioned additional 10% penalty, see how a 72t works.


  • Retirement plans are established by your Employer, but are generally managed by a “Third-Party Administrator”, not your Employer (except some governmental plans). The company chosen as the “Administrator” can, and may change from time to time.


  • TSP’s (Thrift Savings Plan) can also be “rolled over” into an IRA and a 72(t) can be set-up to provide a penalty-free income stream, prior to Age 59 ½, for any reason.