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January 03, 2023

What is the downside to borrowing against your 401k?

401k loans are a popular way for people to access funds quickly, but they come with a number of risks and drawbacks. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the potential …

December 02, 2022

Secrets to Early Withdrawals from 401K or TSP Penalty/Tax-Free | Early Retirement Hack

Retirement is something that all of us look forward to, but it can be difficult to know when and how to start planning for it. One of the most important …

November 22, 2022

What they aren’t telling you about your 401k

When it comes to retirement planning, having a 401k is one of the most important steps you can take. But, what they aren’t telling you about your 401k could be …

Early Retirement

October 12, 2022

Why can’t I withdraw from my 401k early?

When it comes to retirement planning, a 401k is one of the most popular and effective ways to save for the future. But what happens if you need to access …

September 14, 2022

How to Withdraw from Your 401K Early?

Retirement planning is a crucial part of financial planning. It’s important to make sure you have enough money saved up for your retirement years. One way to do this is …

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December 13, 2017

A True 72(t) Planning Pioneer

“Doc” Hall was the “go to” expert and offered his services to individuals nationwide in this specialized area known as SEPP or 72(t) planning

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November 27, 2017

How Does Early Retirement Sound to You?

Early Retirement utilizing a properly structured 72(t) is often time, an excellent option to create…

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November 21, 2017

72(t) IRA

Helping people to successfully execute and manage their assets in a 72(t) IRA is what we do every day.

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November 18, 2017

Is 72t a Solution to a “Need” or a “Want”

Wealth building is achieved systematically by automatic deduction or transferring funds to separate savings, 72t investment accounts.

72t Exemption Rules

September 15, 2017

72t Exceptions Explained

Completing your 72t early retirement distribution and documenting your IRS 72t exceptions correctly, will provide a stream of retirement income.

January 21, 2017

Reasons for an Early Withdrawal Using 72(t)

A 72(t) early distribution will not be subject to the 10% additional early withdrawal tax in the following circumstances…


January 11, 2017

What Is an Early 72(t) Distribution for IRA retirement plans?

Estimate what your IRA might produce for an income, using a 72(t) for early withdrawals to eliminate the IRS penalty.

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January 11, 2017

Accessing Your 401(k) Retirement Plan Funds Using 72(t)

Relevant questions to ask and learn about accessing your 401(k) retirement income using a 72(t) distribution without penalty.


September 27, 2016

Do I pay any taxes on a 72t early distribution?

Retirement accounts are 100% tax deferred until you start taking withdrawals. Remember, 100% of the dollars taken from your retirement account will be added to your adjusted gross income when filing your taxes.

72(t) distributions planning

September 27, 2016

How are 72(t) distributions calculated by using the IRS 72(t) rule?

There are 3 IRS standard methods on how 72(t) distributions are calculated: Amortization Method, Annuitization Method, & Required Minimum Distribution Method


September 27, 2016

How is life expectancy determined & what is the interest rate used in a 72t early distribution?

When setting up a 72t early distribution, the IRS life expectancy tables used to calculate a return including the interest rate are, Uniform Life, Single Life, Joint Life & Last Survivor table.


September 27, 2016

What happens if I don’t maintain my 72(t) distribution correctly?

There are several ways you can “bust” a 72(t) distribution, and the consequences can have a severe impact on your taxes if the account is not managed properly.


September 27, 2016

What will be my 72t interest rate or expected rate of return?

Our goal is to generate a return similar to the rate that you are withdrawing funds from the account each year, so that you finish the 72t period with about as much as you began with.