Privacy Policy

We realize your privacy is VERY important. As we serve your financial needs, we are committed to safeguarding your nonpublic personal information. The Privacy Policy contained here will describe our practice for collecting and protecting your nonpublic personal information. This Policy is applicable to us, The Spivak Financial Group, Centaurus Financial, Inc. and ALL affiliates we might have dealings with in the process of handling & processing your investments and other personal data.

The information we collect

We obtain nonpublic personal information about you such as your name, address and social security number from information we receive on applications and other forms you provide to us, as well as from your shared dealings with Centaurus Financial, Inc., other professional services such as attorney’s, accountants and other business and financial personnel. We also receive information about your transactions, such as the purchase and redemption of fund shares, balances and transactions from a variety of sources. As your Financial Advisor and Coach we often obtain VERY private information about you, your investments, your health and many other VERY personal things about you, your family and your life in order to provide complete service to you and your family needs.

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Sharing of Nonpublic Personal information with affiliates

We consider your Nonpublic information to be private and confidential. We may share SOME but not necessarily ALL of this information with our affiliates so that we may process and service your transactions and financial needs, but no more than needed to complete the desired transactions and process your specific applications.

Sharing of Nonpublic Personal information with Third Parties

We will NOT share, distribute or sell nonpublic personal information about you or any former customer to any party except as required by law or permitted by laws enacted to protect your privacy. We do NOT provide ANY information about you, your name, address, phone or e-mail addresses with anyone, for any reason, without your specific written approval ahead of time.

Security Practices

We protect your nonpublic personal information by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards. Any personal accounts information provided for you by affiliate companies we might use offer a high level of Internet Security by providing 128-bit data encryption, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, user names, passwords, and other precautions. We make sure ahead of time that all the companies we use or recommend have implemented safeguards to ensure that access to your private account information is limited to YOU and employees who need it to service your accounts. These employees are aware of their responsibility to respect the confidentiality of your information and are committed to that confidentiality. Please be assured that we will abide by our Privacy Policy to protect your nonpublic personal information in every way possible.